Workshop: Value Added Solution Selling

Mr. Heßdörfer’s task: To teach a credible, practical and comprehensive approach towards the customer. And he excels at it!

Today’s challenging world demands from our employees mental flexibility and the capacity to understand complex concepts in a continuously evolving environment.

Delivering a balanced mix of theory and practical experience is his first talent. Understanding what the people in front of him lacks and adjusting his deliverables to suit the needs of the audience, his second.

His immense experience in a High-Tec sales environment is impossible to challenge. This rare gift of credibility follows him throughout the whole course. Consultants talk about theories, Mr Heßdörfer has lived them. This gives him the edge during change programs, where audiences need to be taken out of their comfort zone and dramatically change mindset.

Mr. Heßdörfer is definitively a person whose wealth of practical experience and art to capture the audience enables him to successfully pass even the most difficult message!

PS: Der Workshop wurde in deutscher Sprache durchgeführt.

Business Development Manager, Logistikbranche


Berliner Allee 58
64295 Darmstadt

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